What is the use of glow sign board? 

A glow sign board is a type of illuminated signboard that uses backlighting to make the sign visible during the day and night. It is commonly used for advertising and displaying information in various settings, such as businesses, public places, and outdoor environments. The primary purpose of a glow sign board is to attract attention and convey messages effectively. 

What is the price of a Flex Glow sign board? 

The price of a flex glow sign board can vary depending on various factors such as size, design complexity, location, quality of materials, and the vendor or manufacturer you choose. Additionally, pricing may vary based on the country or region where you are located. Therefore, it is challenging to provide an exact price without specific details. 

What is a glow sign board made of? 

Glow sign boards are typically made of a flexible material known as flex. Flex is a type of plastic material that is commonly used for outdoor signage due to its durability, weather resistance, and ability to transmit light effectively. It is also known as PVC flex or vinyl flex.

How many types of glow sign board are there? 

Glow sign boards come in various types, including backlit, frontlit, edge-lit, LED, and neon sign boards. Backlit sign boards have a light source behind the sign, while frontlit sign boards have the light source in front. Edge-lit sign boards use lights along the edges, LED sign boards utilize small LED lights, and neon sign boards use neon gas-filled tubes. Each type offers unique design and lighting options for businesses and advertisers. 

Which Colour is best for sign board? 

The means that the best colours for pavement signs and outdoor signage in general are bright and bold. Fire engine red, neon green, bright yellow, and electric blue are all popular and effective choices. However, don't write off black, white, tan, and grey so quickly.